The Alliance of Professional Tattooists
The 9th Annual Tattoo Trade Show

 As you may or may not know our event is closed to the general public, it is open however to all Professional Tattooists regardless of membership in our organization, and we make no distinction regarding individual talent, our organization maintains that the quality and value of one’s work is best addressed by the consumer, any working artist who can produce the required credentials, will be sincerely welcome at our event.


                    The Association shall be a nonprofit corporation, it shall not engage in a regular business of a kind ordinarily carried out for profit, and no part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.
The Association is intended to qualify as a “business league” within the meaning of, and qualifying under, Section 501© (6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended from time to time (herein after the “Code”). The Association shall not possess or exercise any power or authority either expressly, by interpretation, or by operation of law that will or might prevent it at any time from qualifying and continuing to qualify, as a “business league”. 

As a nonprofit organization all monies, both generated and expended by the APT, is done so to further these above mentioned goals, and is administrated by an elected Board of Directors who serve two year terms on a volunteer basis, the only position within our organization that draws a payroll check is our Home Office employees, hired from outside of our membership.

The generation of funds is necessary to facilitate our goals, unlike for-profit corporations, maintaining a level of return on investment is not top priority, however, the only way to continue the programs in educational training, industry representation, and maintaining our Home Office, is to at least break even financially in our endeavors, and that is a top priority, the realization of any and all profit from our annual Trade Show and Educational Conference will be earmarked for making next year’s event even better.

If you are reading this letter of introduction it means that someone from the APT has made contact with you, and you have showed some interest in participating in this year’s Trade Show and Educational Conference, in the capacity of a seminar Instructor.

Thank you for your interest in our event, and thank you for locking in your participation in our event, should you decide to sign the agreement, it demonstrates your personal commitment, not only to our event, but to this entire industry, I personally commend you on the decision to become an Instructor in the first place, it truly demonstrates your desire to share the benefits of your own personal experience and expertise.

 Yours in Solidarity,

 Donald W. Corah
APT Education Coordinator



For those unfamiliar with the purpose, and goals of the APT, I offer the following excerpt from our By-Laws;

                 Subject to the limitations set forth in this Article below, the Association is organized for the following purposes:

 To serve as a trade association of persons and entities having a common business interest in tattooing for the promotion of such common business interest;

  1. To work for the improvement of conditions for and promote the business of tattooing generally;
  2. To set, publicize and encourage the observance of high standards of health and hygienic operation within the tattooing business generally;
  3. To study and, as far as possible, solve, cooperatively and collectively the problems of the business of tattooing generally;
  4. To study legislation and governmental regulations affecting the business of tattooing, to recommend the enactment of legislation and regulations which are in the best interest of tattooing and to discourage the enactment of legislation and regulations not in the best interest of the business of tattooing, and to represent the general interests of those engaged in the business of tattooing before public officials and public authorities;
  5. To promote the general exchange of information and ideas relating to tattooing among those engaged in the business of tattooing through the publication of newsletters, newspapers and circulars; through the holding of conventions, trade shows and other meetings of members; and by other means;
  6. To do everything necessary or proper for the accomplishment of any one of the purposes or the attainment of any one or more of the subjects enumerated, or conducive to the interests of the Association and its members generally, and to contract accordingly;
  7. To exercise all powers, rights and privileges necessary or incidental to the purposes for which the Association is organized or to the activities in which it is engaged; and;
  8. To exercise all powers, rights and privileges granted to non-stock corporations under the Delaware General Corporate Law except those inconsistent with these purposes or limited as atested.


Greetings and Salutations from the Alliance of Professional Tattooists

The Alliance of Professional Tattooists is making preparations for their Seventh Annual Trade Show and Educational Conference.  This year we are inviting a number of “Special Guest Speakers”, a tradition that have continued for seven years. 

The purposes, powers and authority of the Association are subject to the following limitations: