The Alliance of Professional Tattooists
The 8th Annual Tattoo Trade Show
Oct. 10, 11, and 12, 2017

Principles of Art & Design - Eddie Moritz
Tattoo Layout - Fip Buchanan
Permanent Cosmetics - Carol Parks
Magic & Logic of Cover Ups - Heide Unger
Tattoo Site Infections - Mike Martin
Appointment Making - Ryan Corley
Breast Cancer & Scar Tattooing - Stacie-Rae Weir
Black & Gray - Jack Rudy
Wildlife & Nature Realistic Tattooing - Andrew Sussman
Pigment 101 - Pat Sinatra & Telisa Swan
Still Life Painting - Sharon Brouse & Judy Parker
PDTT 2 Hour
PDTT 6 Hour
Basics of Watercolor: Paper to Skin - JF Biron
Care for Yourself: Tattoo for Life - Joshua South
Mary Jane's Science Lab - Mary Jane Haake
K.I.S.S. Machine Building - Shahn Anderson
Needle Building - Thaddeus Paskey
Acetate Stencils - Tim Corley
Pigment Playtime - Tim Corley & Ryan Corley
Lettering - Damion Cressy
Machine Building - Micah Caudle
*Please note classes are subject to change.

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Schedule  to follow

 We will be at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino 
Oct.10,11 and 12, 2017

Over 90 hours of Tattoo Related Education!
Welcome Party, Sponsors, and a Closing Banquet!
 Schedule of Seminars will be posted soon!